Our Story

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SPP was created when one individual began the search for a camp that would foster positive self-image and where her child’s sexuality and gender identity would be respected and celebrated.  Her search revealed that there are very few camps of this kind, especially in the southern United States.


Spiritual Pride Project was born out of countless meetings in living rooms over dinner, late night conversations and an outpouring of warmth and support. As word spread throughout our community, the organizers realized that Central Texas (and beyond!) is ready for a safe space for dialogue, refuge, support, and networking among the many people who believe that sexuality/gender identity and spirituality are not mutually exclusive identities and must be recognized and celebrated.


Today, our staff of nearly 20 operate year-round on a volunteer basis and adore every minute.  Monthly planning meetings serve to support one another throughout the year, as well as provide an opportunity to problem-solve, train staff, plan for the retreat, and launch new projects such as our Workshop Series (more information coming soon!).


Not only have we connected with members of our own community, but with other like-minded camps around the nation! We are proud to serve Central Texas, and we are beyond humbled by the amazing work being done by fantastic camp staff and individuals everywhere!